Türk Loydu Foundation

Türk Loydu Foundation

TÜRK LOYDU has been registered as a ‘facility’ by the Chamber of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers in 1962 after making its first General Assembly with the contributions of the Turkish Union for Insurance and Reinsurance Companies and has become a national, independent and impartial ‘foundation’ in 1967. 
Türk Loydu Foundation supports:
Training Scholarship
Training and education aids
Research and Development funding
Technical personal education program aids
Developing the knowledge level of the industry
At the beginning of 1998, Türk Loydu Foundation Economic Enterprise has been established to perform the activities connected to the Türk Loydu Foundation and organs whose only duty was to carry out lofty objectives. 
Change of legal status of Organization from Türk Loydu Foundation Economic Enterprise to Türk Loydu Conformity Assessment Services Corporation (Türk Loydu Uygunluk Değerlendirme Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi) in accordance with Turkish Commercial Code was realized and issued in Turkish Trade Registry Gazette of İstanbul number 9303, dated 11th April 2017.

Türk Loydu Uygunluk Değerlendirme Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi shall be hereafter referred to as TÜRK LOYDU.


Türk Loydu Foundation has also established other companies to perform its activities abroad such as in Romania, Azerbaijan and Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic. Türk Loydu Foundation has a company in Turkey namely TL Teknik ARGE ve Tasarım Ltd. to perform Research and Development activities.
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