Advanced Engineering Services

Advanced Engineering Services

With the aim of supporting development of sector, by using technical expertise and experience, Türk Loydu presents rational and applicable solutions based on standards/rules/general engineering concepts about advanced engineering applications, stability and other calculations of all of the floating vessels, feasibility studies and basic design of special floating vessels (factory vessels, floating houses, floating marina systems, buoys for special purposes)

Advanced Engineering Services

Rational analysis of ship structures is essential for the safe and efficient marine transportation. Türk Loydu offers advanced engineering solutions to shipyards and ship-owners.

Türk Loydu also offers advanced engineering solutions such as structural analysis, drop test simulation, welding simulation for the land industry.

Advanced Engineering Service for Ship Structures;

Global Strength Analysis: 3D finite element analysis of the hull girder to the global loads.

Local Strength Analysis: Local strength analysis is carried out, if the strength of the structure is required to be proved by direct calculation procedures or classification rules don’t cover the structure. In addition, calculation of the stress concentrations around the structural details.

Calculation of the ultimate strength of hull girder. Safety margins of the hull girder are evaluated. Prediction of critical loads and ultimate strength by applying linear and nonlinear buckling analysis


Global Vibration Analysis: Prediction of natural frequencies and mode shapes of hull girder and superstructure through the finite element analysis.

Local Vibration Analysis: Computations of resonant frequencies of local structural members such as; deck and superstructure panels, tank walls and then, comparison with excitation frequencies.

Impact and Free Fall Simulation: Dynamic response prediction of impact and free fall of the structures

Shock Analysis: Computation of the stress and deformations within the time domain under shock load..

Common Structural Rules (CSR): Cargo tank global finite element, local strength, fatigue, buckling and ultimate strength analysis required by IACS CSR for the tankers and bulk carriers.

NOTE: In near future, advanced engineering service will be expanded to cover fatigue analysis and hydrodynamic computations (seakeeping, wave load analysis, sloshing loads prediction).

Special Projects

Türk Loydu renders services about the feasibility studies of the special floating vessels (factory vessels, floating houses etc) and strength analysis of special marine and land based structures.

Carrying Out of Stability and Other Calculations

Carrying Out of Stability and Other Calculations Türk Loydu renders services about the carrying out of stability, damaged stability, freeboard, tonnage, grain loading calculations and calibration of ship tanks for which it does not perform any approval activities.

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