• For classification of a new ship, a New Building Ship Classification Request Form shall be completed and submitted to TÜRK LOYDU. The form should be completed entirely, and in case of a hesitation, the applicant should apply to TÜRK LOYDU. Classification and Surveys of TÜRK LOYDU Rules and particularly the Section 2 - D.Classification Notations should be checked in an effort to avoid any problems in the future.
  • The classification offer issued by TÜRK LOYDU considering the type, tonnage, sizes and specifications of the ship to be constructed shall be transmitted by TÜRK LOYDU to the applicant in writing.
  • When the offer is acceptable and confirmed in writing, classification contract is issued, and after its execution, classification works commence.
  • Before starting the construction of the vessels to be constructed under control of TÜRK LOYDU, necessary drawings and documentations should be submitted to TÜRK LOYDU for approval purposes. All liabilities in case of problems or incompatibilities due to submission of drawings and documentation after start of construction shall be for the account of the applicant. First, the drawings and calculations as to general and steel hull structure, then the drawings and calculations for machinery, electrical system and automation system, if any, shall be submitted to TÜRK LOYDU for approval purposes. In case of the special ship types, TÜRK LOYDU will further be provided with the other drawings and calculations showing specifications of the vessels, as well as documentation on statutory certificates, if requested. If the requested drawings, calculations and documentation are not fully submitted, TÜRK LOYDU will not be in a position to issue a certificate.
  • The drawings and documentation to be submitted for approval purposes should have been issued in accordance with the rules of TÜRK LOYDU, relevant international rules and general engineering principles, and submitted to TÜRK LOYDU for controlling purposes sufficiently before the commence of construction. The drawings and calculations should include necessary information in order to check their compliance with TÜRK LOYDU construction rules, while the classification mark of the vessels should be clearly and completely stated. TÜRK LOYDU reserves the right to request further information and details.
  • The drawings, calculations or other documentation submitted to TÜRK LOYDU will be checked out as to their compliance with regulations. After approval and necessary corrections, a copy will be returned to the designer / shipyard /ship- owner.
  • Any request for alteration in the approved drawings and calculations should be sent to TÜRK LOYDU for its opinion and approval before actually commencing the project.
  • The materials, machinery and equipment to be constructed and certified according to TÜRK LOYDU classification should hold a TÜRK LOYDU certificate. From that point of view, manufacturing controls and tests for any materials, machinery and equipment -including controls and approval of the drawings where necessary- will be carried out and certified as to their compliance for use in the vessel. For certification of materials, machinery and equipment, the only application address is TÜRK LOYDU and in the specification, bid request letter or similar documentation, the clause "holding a TÜRK LOYDU Certificate" should be particularly mentioned and the contact between providers and TÜRK LOYDU should be established. The place of material or equipment manufacturing will not cause any problem or delay due to TÜRK LOYDU’s local or international organization or its cooperation with other classification companies.
  • The welding procedures of the welding work that will take place on the vessels to be constructed or altered under control of TÜRK LOYDU should be approved by TÜRK LOYDU, and the welders in the shipyard and/or subcontractors should hold certificates under the rules of TÜRK LOYDU.
  • The ship under construction, starting with the very first steps of its construction and installation, shall be controlled and inspected respectively with regard to block construction, block installation, installation on the keel or on the dock, preliminary installation and after launching into the sea. Necessary tests and trials will be carried out and its construction in accordance with the drawings and regulations of TÜRK LOYDU will be provided.
  • TÜRK LOYDU will carry out a further evaluation as to Shipyard's or other subcontractor's compliance with the construction facilities and procedures as well as the requirements of the construction rules. Acceptance of a tested procedure generally depends on the approval of the evaluation.
  • For facilitating the performance of TÜRK LOYDU surveyors, their access to the workshops / manufacturing sites of the vessels, where the parts subject to certification are constructed should be provided. For a successful completion of the tests required, the shipyard or contractor should provide the surveyor with necessary assistant personnel and equipment.
  • The vessel, machinery and electrical and special equipment should be constructed in complince with the approved drawings
  • All inspections and tests which are obligatory according to the construction rules should be completed
  • The workmanship should be in accordance with the valid engineering standards and/or TÜRK LOYDU rules and requirements.
  • After completion of the ship construction, either port or sea trials shall be attended by TÜRK LOYDU surveyors and compliant operation of the engines and systems shall be controlled.
  • After satisfactory sea trials, TURK LOYDU Classification Certificate will be issued.
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