Compliance to TIC Code and Principles

Compliance to TIC Code and Principles

The TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) Council is an international federation that is established by combining IFIA and CEOC members representing the independent third party verification services to protect and improve the quality and scope of the services offered by the sector and to encourage the cooperation between the organizations in the sector. The TIC Compliance Code is the compliance code published by the TIC Council.
The value Türk Loydu provides to its customers is trust. The success of Türk Loydu depends on the perception and trust of the parties it cooperates with as a reputable institution. For this reason, it has integrated the TIC Compliance Code that built on the basis of trust and integrity into the company's quality management system and reviewed its Ethic Code in parallel.
The TIC Compliance Code is intended for the execution of technical and commercial activities within the scope of professional behavior and ethical understanding of the principles listed below.
Conflict of Interest
Confidentiality and Data Protection
Fair Business Conduct
Health and Safety
Fair Labour
In order to ensure TIC Council membership;
Approval of Türk Loydu applications by the TIC Council,
A Compliance Program implemented throughout the company,
Policies and principles arranged in accordance with the code,
Training all employees on the subject,
Regular monitoring of compliance with the Code,
are required.
In order to determine the principles regarding the implementation of these principles, Türk Loydu's Compliance Programme, TIC Code Compliance Manual and TIC Compliance Code Implementation Guideline published. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation, the Compliance Program is audited annually by an independent organization and the results are reported to the TIC Council.
Regarding Türk Loydu's Compliance Program, you can reach the Compliance Officer  via to receive support, including all your suggestions, comments, complaints and questions or to report violations that you have witnessed or suspected.
All parties involved with Türk Loydu can convey their concerns or report an actual or suspected violation comes to their knowledge in scope of the Compliance Program without the threat of harassment, intimidation or retaliation. The personal information of the parties who reach us through the support line are kept confidential, without prejudice to legal obligations or to protect the rights of the company or the individuals accused wrongly or in bad faith.
Compliance Officer : Aydın GÜRBÜZ
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TIC Compliance Code Implementation Guideline
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