Marine Material & Product Certification

Marine Material & Product Certification

  • All materials, machinery and equipment to be employed in the ships to be constructed or converted under supervision of TÜRK LOYDU must be new, and the ones which should be certified according to the requirements of TÜRK LOYDU for safe navigation of the ship, provision of life and property safety and providing special conditions related to special purposes shall be controlled, inspected and tested by TÜRK LOYDU and certified thereafter. Materials and products will be subjected to one to one inspection and testing, and if found acceptable, a material / product certificate can be issued; or one or several sample/s from the product group can be selected to find out compliance with rules and/or standard requirements, and if it is found out that the production could satisfy the requirements, a Type Approval Certificate can be issued.
  • The items required necessary in the process of some inspection operations carried out by TÜRK LOYDU, namely
    - thickness measurement,
    - fire fighting arrangements test and surveys,
    - underwater surveys,
    - tests and surveys on communication devices or similar services can only be provided by TÜRK LOYDU Approved Service Providers.
  • To avoid any hindrance of free circulation of products due to differing capital strengths or technology differences within the EU member states, minimum requirements as to protection of products, health, environment and consumer, as well as providing safety, be determined. Minimum requirements are defined in the EU New Approach Regulations, and applying the CE mark on the products which satisfy the requirements of the regulations is obligatory. For application of the CE mark, satisfaction of the requirements of the relevant regulations, is left to the manufacturer, based on the risk factor of the product, and for other products, Approved Companies, who have been given an ID number and authorized by EU are authorized. TÜRK LOYDU provides compliance evaluation services within Recreational Craft Directive.
  • The welding methods for the welding works to be carried out in the ships to be constructed or converted under control of TÜRK LOYDU must be approved by Türk Loydu, and the welders in the shipyard and/or the subcontractor who will construct the vessel should hold certificates according to the requirements of TÜRK LOYDU.
  • The manufacturers (or providers) of materials, machinery in the vessels to be constructed or converted under TÜRK LOYDU supervision will apply directly and only to TÜRK LOYDU for certification. The Companies who want to be certified as Service Provider Company as well as the companies requiring compliance evaluation services under EU Regulations, as well as welders who will be working in the ships to be constructed or modified under TÜRK LOYDU supervision must also apply to TÜRK LOYDU.
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