Type Approval

Type Approval

  • Type approval is taking representative samples from any product and testing their compliance with rules and/or standards and carrying out necessary tests to find if the product could be made in a form that could satisfy the requirements.
    TÜRK LOYDU Type Approval Certificate will not prove performance of tests and controls defined in the standards, rules and specifications of each product, made and marketed by the manufacturer company, in the presence of TÜRK LOYDU surveyor. The responsibility for any product which has been granted TÜRK LOYDU Type Approval will only rest with the manufacturer.
    The Type Approval Certificate, to be issued by TÜRK LOYDU will state that the requirements as to the product would be satisfied on the condition that the construction conditions under warranty of the Quality Management System are not altered.
  • The method conducted in the Type Approval Process includes,
    - checking the product design for compliance with rules and/or standards, and approval,
    - production process control,
    - material control,
    - selecting one or several samples from a product group manufactured, and carrying out necessary tests,
    for the purpose of finding out if the products are made to satisfy requirements.
  • The Type Approval Certificate however, does not warrant the quality of the products as in the product / test certificate where all transactions are separately carried out for each product. Rather, it certifies that the manufacturer has the means and facilities to make the product group in accordance with the requirements.
  • For a product group with a Type Approval Certificate, in the cases where production takes place under normal condition, a separate test is not necessary for each product -unless the user has a specific request according to TÜRK LOYDU rules in relation with the ship where the product is to be employed-
  • Type Approval Request will be made by completing TÜRK LOYDU Type Approval Information / Application Form
  • The Applicant must be the manufacturer of the product. But, the companies within the process from manufacturing to marketing of the product (for example, exporter) may apply for Type Approval Certification purposes. In this case, an agreement by the manufacturer, stating that all "facilities will be provided" for access to the necessary project and technical documentation for the product as well as in relation with product tests and controls and manufacturer company's quality management system audit.
  • After written confirmation of the proposal to be sent by TÜRK LOYDU to the Applicant, Type Approval Certification process will begin.
  • The information and documentation to be presented by the Applicant are listed below:
    - Technical documentation and/or product drawings showing the product type, material and information,
    - Manufacturing methods & procedures,
    - Schematic drawing of the test and control methods, type test program and test stand, containing necessary information,
    - Quality Management System Certificate, if the quality management system of the manufacturer is certified by an accredited certification body other than TÜRK LOYDU.
    - Quality Management System final audit report,
    - Agreement letter for evaluation of the quality management system at least once a year (scheduled and/or unscheduled audits)
    - Manufacturing Labels, the sample label to be applied on the product,
    - Contact person,
  • Quality Management System annual evaluations will be performed in accordance with the below given requirements:
    - If the quality management system of the manufacturer company is certified by TÜRK LOYDU, type approval and certification begins without carrying out a further quality management system evaluation,
    - If the quality management system of the manufacturer company is certified by an accredited body other than TÜRK LOYDU, type approval process begins after evaluation and approval by TÜRK LOYDU.
    - If the quality management system of the manufacturer company is not certified, type approval process can only begin if it is found "acceptable" after inspection / evaluation by TÜRK LOYDU.
  • In the process of testing and controlling,
    - Test samples will be taken according to TÜRK LOYDU rules, under supervision of TÜRK LOYDU surveyor,
    - The suitability of test stand will be inspected,
    - Tests and controls will be carried out by one or several representative samples and the compliance of the product to be tested with the label information provided to TÜRK LOYDU at the time of application,
    - If, in the evaluation process, test results are found to be non-compliant with the acceptance criteria, necessary replacements and repairs will be requested from the Applicant,
  • If the test and control results are also found acceptable, a Type Approval Certificate will be issued. The name of the Company and its approved product is added to "TÜRK LOYDU Type Approved Products List".
  • The validity period of the Type Approval Certificate is maximum 5 years, depending on the characteristics of the product and manufacturer. The validity of the certificate for the said period however depends on positive annual inspections. TÜRK LOYDU may also carry out un-scheduled inspections when it considers necessary
  • Type Approval Certificate will be suspended in the following cases:
    - Incompatibilities in the product quality due to negative changes in the conditions which were warranted before in the tests and controls within annual or unscheduled inspections and/or failure to make tests and controls duly,
    - Finding out that any changes in manufacturing conditions, product requirements, Quality Management System, manufacturing site or such other changes which have an effect on product quality have not been advised to TÜRK LOYDU.
    The Approval Certificate will be cancelled in the following cases:
    - Finding out that the Company fails to comply with the Letter of Undertaking undersigned by it,
    - Negatively resulting unscheduled inspections due to user complaints, or for market controls,
    - Failure to carry out annual inspections or required unscheduled inspections due to reasons caused by the Applicant,
  • If Type Approval Certificate is suspended or cancelled, the Company's name and its product will be removed from TÜRK LOYDU Type Approved Products List.
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