Material and Product Certification

Material and Product Certification

  • All materials, machinery and equipment to be employed in the ships to be constructed or converted under supervision of TÜRK LOYDU must be new, and the ones which should be certified according to the requirements of TÜRK LOYDU for safe travel of the ship, provision of life and property safety and providing special conditions related to special purposes must be controlled, inspected and tested by TÜRK LOYDU, and certified thereafter.
  • Manufacturers (or providers) of materials, machinery or equipment to be employed in the ships to be constructed or modified under supervision of TÜRK LOYDU will directly and only apply to TÜRK LOYDU for certification purposes.
  • This application should describe the name of material or product, its quantity, type, specifications, the ship using it, the name of the shipyard where the ship was constructed, as well as other technical specifications on the product.
  • Considering the type, quantity and other specifications of the material or product, the certification offer issued by TÜRK LOYDU will be transmitted to the Applicant in writing.
  • Upon acceptance of the offer and its written confirmation, certification process begins.
  • After confirmation of the offer, the drawings related to the product must be sent to TÜRK LOYDU for checking the compliance to TÜRK LOYDU rules, and the drawings should have a satisfactory content for product control. If the drawings of the same type of products with the same specifications have been approved by TÜRK LOYDU, there is no need to sending the drawings for approval purposes.
  • After approval of the drawings, a copy of the certified drawings are sent to the manufacturer, and inspection, testing and controlling process begins.
  • Operation tests of machinery and equipment, will take place in the manufacturer facilities, if possible.
  • For the newly developed machinery and equipment, of which capability on the ship is not tested under real operating conditions for a required time, TÜRK LOYDU might request testing under heavier conditions.
  • In the end of the inspections, tests and controls to be carried out, necessary documentation is completed, and the material and product is branded according to TÜRK LOYDU regulations.
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