Port State Control

Port State Control

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding (Paris MoU), which is considered as the first and the most comprehensive PSC regime in the world has announced the new "Performance Table of Recognized Organization" regarding the port state control results covering the years 2018 - 2020. Türk Loydu managed to maintain its "High Performance" status, as it has been for the last 16 years.

Türk Loydu succeeded to leave behind many international classification societies including some of IACS member organizations and proved that it will continue to improve its fleet monitoring applications every year.

As a result of Türk Loydu's "High Performance" status; ships in Türk Loydu fleet are less likely to be inspected by the port state controls in Paris MoU member states.
Ships classed by Türk Loydu have achieved historic success in the Port State Control Pari smemorandum of Understanding with a detention rate of 2.3 in 2020 inspections. At the same time, there is no detention, in which Türk Loydu has been shown as the responsible authorized organization (RO responsible) since 2015. One of the crucial factors in achieving this rate is monitoring the ships in our fleet constantly and thus reaching high standards. Within the scope of monitoring activities; corrective and preventive actions were taken for the ships in our fleet by analyzing all the findings detected druing the port state inspections and the data obtained as a result of the research processes.
Port State Control Preparation checklist is published to assist masters, ship owners and managers in order to prepare their ships for port state control inspections.

Please use below link to download checklist and Türk Loydu 2020 PSC Annual Report as complimentary.

Turk Loydu Port State Control Checklist
PSC Annual Report 2020 |HTML 5 PDF

STCW Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC)
Concentrated inspection campaign (CIC), which is regularly held on a yearly basis, will focus on STCW from 1st September to 30th November 2022 by Paris, Tokyo, Mediterranean and Black sea  Memorandum of Understandings on Port State Control.

For Turkish Flag ships engaged on international voyage to be prepared for related inspection campaign from 15st June to 30th November 2022 to ensure no detention on the subject vessels during this campaign, concentrated inspection campaigns on STCW will be carried out by Port Authorities and Authorized Organizations.

In this respect, attached check list which is planned to be used on Paris MoU region shall be filled out at each certification, survey and non-programmed surveys carried out by the Port Authority surveyors during the concentrated inspection campaign. One copy of the checklist shall be given to the ship and be recorded on Electronic Certificate System (ESS)-Document-CIC-Checklist (Dynamic Data Entry) only for once. Information on how to perform a survey in accordance with the checklist and which deficiency codes to be used for found deficiencies can be accessed from the guide on checklists in the Electronic Certificate System (ESS) Document-CIC Section.
STCW Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) |HTML 5 PDF
CIC Checklist |HTML 5 PDF
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