Railway Rolling Stock

Railway Rolling Stock

Upon amendments of July 6th, 2018 of the rolling stock registry and rolling stock type approval regulations in Turkey; besides EU regulations (TSIs), type examinations against Uniform Technical Prescriptions (UTPs) of OTIF, that Turkey is also a member of, are now regarded as basis for rolling stock type approvals by the National Safety Authority of Turkey (DDGM).

TÜRK LOYDU is recognised by the National Rail Safety Authority of Turkey (DDGM) as;
  • a Designated Body (DeBo) to perform assessments against National Technical Rules,
  • an Assessing Entity to perform assessments against OTIF Uniform Technical Prescriptions (UTPs),

for the rolling stock sub-system.

Hence, rolling stock/component manufacturers can now go through the type approval process along with TURK LOYDU and apply DDGM for type approval of their products with TURK LOYDU assessment reports and examination certificates.

The certification scope of TÜRK LOYDU consists assessments against the following UTPs at system level and interoperability constituent level:
  1. Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock (UTP LOC&PAS)
  2. Freight Wagons (UTP WAG)
  3. Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Reduced Mobility (UTP PRM)
  4. Relating to the Subsystem Rolling Stock Noise (UTP NOI)

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