ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System is a new standard that published by ISO (International Standard Organization) on March 2018.

The Standart approaches to improve of working environment; improve conditions that have a negative impact on people's mental, physical and cognitive status; reduce the risks associated with all the factors that can result in illness, injury and death.

It is a new and distinct standard, not a revision or update, and it is due to be phased in gradually over the next three years.

Organizations with OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System; can apply the same steps in a common framework to the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 in order to be able to adapt this standard to their own systems and enable the integrated management system. If you are already acquainted with the common framework, ISO 45001 will seem familiar to you and you will just need to fill the “gaps” in your system only.

A management system established in accordance with OHSAS 18001 will be a solid platform for migrating to ISO 45001.

There are many differences, but the main change is that ISO 45001 concentrates on the interaction between an organization and its business environment while OHSAS 18001 was focused on managing OH&S hazards and other internal issues. But the standards also diverge in many other ways:
  •  ISO 45001 is process-based – OHSAS 18001 is procedure-based
  •  ISO 45001 is dynamic in all clauses – OHSAS 18001 is not
  •  ISO 45001 considers both risk and opportunities – OHSAS 18001 deals exclusively with risk
  •  ISO 45001 includes the views of interested parties – OHSAS 18001 does not
For to adapt the standart to management system, top management can start up with to perform the analysis of interested parties (i.e. those individuals or organizations that can affect your organization’s activities) as well as internal and external factors that might impact your organization’s business, then ask yourself how these risks can be controlled through your management system. 

The standard is not easy to apprehend when you read it as a normal book. You have to realize all the interconnections between the specific clauses. As advice would be to attend a training course to help you unlock the standard’s full potential.   

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